Jane Orosco Art

About the artist

Bearskin Neck Rockport, Mass

My Background

This love of art began when I was a child. The summer artists who visited my hometown of Rockport, Mass simply amazed me. I recall my sister bribing me with candy to sit for a portrait with a few of those wonderful artists. I found myself as one of those kids, always head-down, drawing in my notebook. And like many of those kids after getting a degree in Art I promptly dropped into the corporate world. Years...years later, I found my love again and humbly wish to share my art with you today.

Lascaux Cave Paintings from The History of 3D Visualization Eric Marianto

My Medium

Charcoal is by far my favorite medium. It is a wonderfully tactile art form. I scrape and smudge in an attempt to come to some sort of compromise with this raw and ancient material in eliciting a work of art. (I can image potters feel the same way.) 

Dream Lake photo by Raji Vathyam

My Inspiration

My teens and college years were spent in Colorful Colorado. I could never thank my mother enough for moving us there! Every corner of this state takes your breath away and the people there taught me a deep respect for the world we share. 


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